253 & 251 Open Gulf St.
Destin, FL 32550

* The information provided below applies to both of our Destin beach houses, Gulf Splendor I and Gulf Splendor II, unless indicated otherwise. (Gulf Splendor I is our beach house located directly on the beach and Gulf Splendor II is our guest house located directly behind the beach house.)

As you may or not be aware, we're very excited about recently completing a major renovation on our beach homes! As a result, you will enjoy hardwood flooring throughout, brand new appliances, much higher quality linens, towels and other included amenities. To assist us in providing the best possible service during your stay, our local property manager Laura McKee will help you with any issues that may arise during your visit. Her contact information is below.

Property Manager:
Laura McKee
* Note: Prior to your arrival, Laura will reach out to you via email and introduce herself!

We utilize keyless entry locks for our doors. So, no need to go to an off-site office to pick up a set of keys. Instead, you'll go directly to the property! Each guest is supplied with a unique code that will activate at 4:00 PM on check-in day, will be valid 24 hours a day during your reservation, and will expire at 10:00 AM on check-out day. In your arrival email you received a key code for the property(s) that you are renting.

Check-In Time:
4:00 PM

Check-Out Time:
10:00 AM

* Note: Cleaning staff will arrive promptly at 10:00 AM on your check-out day to start preparing the property for the next guests. It is extremely important that all guests depart the property by no later than 10:00 AM to give the cleaning staff enough time to do their job.


Gulf Splendor I
You can park between the homes or in the single driveway lane. When we have multiple vehicles, we generally try to have one vehicle that is designated as the main vehicle for most of the transportation needs. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of time jockeying cars around. The spaces in front of 251 Open Gulf St are reserved for guests of Gulf Splendor II. If for some reason we are not renting out Gulf Splendor II during your stay, we will let you know upon our arrival so that you can take advantage of the extra parking.

Gulf Splendor II
Please park directly in front of 251 Open Gulf St on the driveway pavers. * Note: The garage is locked off as an owner’s storage area. However, there is ample parking in front.

Included Beach House Amenities:
- Soaps, Shampoo & Conditioner
- Toilet Paper, Paper Towels
- Laundry Detergent
- Dishwasher Detergent
- Bath Towels & Linens
- Beach Towels
- Hair Dryers
- WiFi (see below)
- Chair & Umbrella Service (see below)

WiFi Network Access Information:

Gulf Splendor I
Network - DDW365,7AA9DF-2,4G
Password - EBP4D32003597

Gulf Splendor II
Network - a18716
Password - 236031113

Chair & Umbrella Service:
In season (March 1 - October 31) we provide complimentary beach chair/umbrella set-up and take-down of 4 chairs and 2 umbrellas for Gulf Splendor I and 4 chairs and 2 umbrellas for Gulf Splendor II. Weather permitting, this set-up service occurs 7 days per week. We use a company called Burke's Beach Services ( They will set up early in the morning and take down late in the afternoon. If you have any issues during your stay, you can reach them at 850-585-8462. Generally, on the first day, the beach chair/umbrella set-ups for Gulf Splendor I and Gulf Splendor II are configured so that there is a bit of space between the set-ups for each respective property. If you are renting both homes, just let them know and they will configure both set-ups closer together. Additionally, on their website, you can reserve additional items such as paddle boards, shade structures, etc.

Normally, other beachgoers are very respectful of the chair/umbrella set-ups, and do not attempt to use them. However, from time to time - simply due to misunderstanding - others may attempt to use them. But rest assured, they are for you and no one else.

Chair/Umbrella Tips & Privacy Strategies:
- Scatter some inexpensive items (boogie boards, rafts, towels etc.) between your chairs and the water to discourage people from encroaching on you area. This causes people to choose other, more open areas and helps to preserve your privacy.
- For your safety, do not move the umbrellas. Do not raise or lower them. If they are moved re-installed improperly, they may become dangerously airborne during typical gulf winds.

Beach Safety (IMPORTANT):
- There are no lifeguards on the beach. You are swimming at your own risk.
- Beach Swimming Conditions: Swim Condition Colored Flags are posted on the tall flag poles about 150 yards west (right) of our beach. Dangerous swimming conditions and “rip currents” cause numerous drownings each year in the Gulf, even amongst strong swimmers. Use caution, observe the flag warnings, supervise children, don’t swim alone, and use common sense. If you have questions, please talk to beach service personnel. You can check daily conditions at

Beach Flag System (IMPORTANT):
GREEN: LOW HAZARD - Calm Condition, Exercise Caution
YELLOW: MEDIUM HAZARD - Moderate Surf and/or Moderate Currents
RED: HIGH HAZARD - High Surf and/or Strong Currents
DOUBLE RED: Water Closed to Public
PURPLE: Marine Pests Present (jelly fish, etc.)

Rip Currents (IMPORTANT):
- A “rip current," sometimes referred to as a “rip tide,” is simply a channel or “rip” in the sandbar. This deeper channel forces water away from the beach, out towards the gulf via strong currents. In the event you are caught in such a current, do not attempt to swim against it. Allow it to take you out while until you can swim parallel to the beach. Our experience is that rip currents & drownings are often more prevalent the day after a big storm, when conditions look calm, but sandbars have been disturbed by high waves.
- Children should be closely supervised at all times in and around the beach area. Any rescue attempt should include a flotation device. We recommend taking some flotation device (a swim noodle, boogie boards, etc.) out with you. It is a good idea to have some type of flotation nearby, even if only boogie boards and swim noodles. Well-meaning rescuers are among drowning victims each year. If you see someone that looks in trouble, call 911 so that rescue personnel can be dispatched. Better safe than sorry!
- We recommend having a brief meeting with your group prior to jumping in the water to review this information, as it could help avert a tragedy.

Emergency Contacts (IMPORTANT):
- 911 (Emergency for fire, police and ambulance. Reminder: You are at 253 or 251 Open Gulf St. on Miramar Beach, 200 yards west of the Mainsail Resort. Fire extinguishers are located in a labeled kitchen cabinet.)
- Fire Department (Non-Emergency 850-897-3722)
- Walton County Sheriff (850-267-1350)
- Hospital: Sacred Heart Hospital is located about 5 miles east on US 98. (850-278-3600)
- Urgent Care: Emerald Coast Urgent Care is located about 3 miles west on US 98. (850-278-3600)

Other Home & Beach Rules (IMPORTANT):
- NO GLASS is allowed on the beach. Walton County Sheriff personnel regularly patrol and will issue citations. Save the long-necks for the porch and bring cans to the beach.
- NO FIRES are allowed on the beach without a permit and are subject to citation. Burke Beach Services can assist you if you would like a bonfire.
- LEAVE NOTHING ON BEACH OVERNIGHT. It is not permissible to leave things on the beach overnight. All items, including shade shelters, toys, umbrellas, chairs, etc., may be thrown away without warning.
- Please KEEP DOORS AND WINDOWS SHUT AND LOCKED at all times when home is not occupied.
- PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE WINDOWS/DOORS OPEN while operating the air conditioning. This can cause damage to the A/C, freeze the coils, and cause the A/C unit to stop functioning altogether.
- Please KEEP OFF DUNES. We are trying to re-establish the dunes.
- There is absolutely NO SMOKING in the house. This is the surest way of losing your damage deposit, as we will require extra cleaning. Do not put cigarettes out on outside furniture or railings.

Misc House Information:
- Trash Pick-Up: Trash is picked up by the county on Mondays and Thursdays.
- Pools: Pools are serviced prior to your arrival on Saturday and once midweek.
- High Chair & Gates: Each home is equipped with a high chair and safety gates, which are located as follows:

Gulf Splendor I
Gates are located in the 1st level laundry room. The high chair is located in the dining room by the refrigerator.

Gulf Splendor II
Gates are located in the 1st Level area between the bedroom and the closet. The high chair is located in the 2nd level laundry room.

- Elevator Usage Instructions (Gulf Splendor I):
  • Elevator won’t work if there is an elevator door is open on any floor.
  • Elevator won’t work if the magnetic curtain is not fully closed in the elevator car.
  • Use the elevator for moving luggage up and down. This helps prevent damage to stairway walls.
  • Use the elevator for groceries, packages, etc. This saves a lot of trips!
  • Use the elevator for moving laundry up and down.
  • Use the elevator for any person with a physical need.
  • Otherwise, get a little exercise. The less the elevator is used, the less frequent problems will occur.

Check-Out Procedures:
- Make sure all windows and doors are closed and in the locked position.
- Bag up and place trash in the trash bins by Gulf Splendor II
- Place any dirty dishes in the dishwasher and start the run cycle.
- There is no need to clean, sweep, make the beds, etc. However, we would appreciate it if you could just do some general pick-up so that the house looks close to how it did when you arrived. If the home is left in complete disarray or requires excessive cleaning time, you may be charged a fee.
- Again, please make sure that all windows and doors are closed and in the locked position. This is very important!

We hope your stay at Gulf Splendor I and/or Gulf Splendor II is truly an enjoyable experience and that you will be our guests for many years to come!

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